A moving company offers a range of services to customers during a move

A moving company offers a range of services to customers during a move. These services include packing, crating, loading and unloading, and transportation. Some companies also provide storage solutions. Companies often require an in-person or virtual inventory of a customer’s belongings before providing a quote. Some companies offer binding estimates that lock in the price of a move once it is completed, while others use nonbinding estimates, which are subject to change based on shipment weight and other factors.

There are a variety of options to choose from when choosing a moving north york moving company company, including online research and reviews. While many negative reviews can be viewed with skepticism, positive reviews should be noted. These may highlight up-front pricing, ease of booking, safe handling of belongings, and great customer service. Customers should always do their own research to evaluate a moving company before committing to it.

When considering a moving company, it’s important to know the difference between brokers and carriers. A broker works as an intermediary, connecting you with third-party service providers to coordinate your move’s details. While some brokers have their own trucks, some do not. Checking a moving company’s FMCSA license number is one way to ensure it’s licensed. You can also use the agency’s website to look up complaints against a company.

In addition to licensing, a moving company should have insurance. This includes workers’ compensation for their employees, as well as basic liability insurance to cover damage to a customer’s belongings. It’s also a good idea for movers to offer full-service insurance, which covers more expensive items at a higher rate. Customers should always ask a moving company for insurance paperwork before booking a move and be sure to read all documents carefully.

Moving companies should prepare an order of service, which is a contract outlining the services it will perform and the dates and times of those services. This document is required by law to be provided to a customer, so it’s important to understand what is included in the contract before signing. Customers can also request a copy of their moving estimate to compare it with the final bill.

Some moves are more complicated than others, and moving companies should be prepared for unforeseen challenges. For example, some companies offer special items services that may be needed for unique or delicate furniture like a pool table or piano. These services usually involve recruiting experts to dismantle these pieces for transport and reassembly at the new location.

Customers should also ask a moving company about its delivery policies. Some movers charge additional fees for deliveries on weekends and holidays, while others require an advance deposit to reserve a truck. This can affect a customer’s budget, so it’s worth exploring the company’s delivery policy before hiring a moving company. Some movers may even offer free delivery on certain predetermined routes. This can be a great way to save money on a long-distance move.