Choosing the Best PEX Crimp Tools

Choosing the best PEX crimp tools is important because they help to tighten up seals and connections in your Pex tubing. They should also be durable and easy to use. In addition, they should be able to work with various pipe sizes, allowing you to get the most out of your PEX pipe connections.

Depending on the job, different tools may be required. For example, when installing pipes in a basement or tight space, a PEX crimper with an angled head can help you get in and out of tight spaces. Another tool is theĀ crimp ring removal tool, which allows you to safely remove PEX rings and fittings without damaging them. It allows you to reuse the fitting, and allows for quick and easy access to pipes in confined spaces.

The best PEX crimp tools will be easy to use, lightweight, and able to handle different pipe sizes. They should also have a good grip to make sure you are able to secure the tool. Grip is especially important when working in wet or damp conditions.

A crimper’s handle should have an ergonomic design to reduce user fatigue and reduce the chances of muscle strains and blisters. Ergonomic handles are also able to provide a firm grip for faster crimping. A crimping tool should also have a lock release, located between the handles. This feature allows for quick and secure opening of the jaws. A crimper’s handle should also be adjustable to fit different pipe sizes.

The IWISS FA1807 PEX pipe crimping tool kit is a top pick because it is easy to use, is made of durable carbon steel, and features three different jaws. These jaws are able to be adjusted and fixed back into their original positions. The jaws also come with a notch for calibration. The jaws are polished to protect the pipe and ring from damage.

For additional convenience, the Pex crimp tool kit includes a calibration gauge, go/no-go gauge, and storage box. The kit is made of high-quality steel and is able to work with both stainless steel and non-stainless steel clamps. It also includes several rings in two sizes. The kit is also easy to carry. It weighs 3.96 pounds. It also includes a card storage case.

Another good feature is the adjustable ratcheting tension design on the handles. This allows for easier crimping of wire and terminals. The handles are also made of steel, providing an excellent grip. This is important because the PEX tubing tends to expand slightly. A crimper’s handle may also have loose tension. This can cause issues when crimping, and can cause damage to the tool if tension is not tightened up properly.

The Pexflow R1245 crimper is a good choice because it is easy to carry and has features that make copper crimp ring connections easier. It is made from durable steel and is factory-calibrated. This crimper comes in a variety of colors, including gray, orange, blue, and yellow. It also has a self-release mechanism and works with all stainless steel clamps. It is designed to make connections between 3/8 and 1 inch PEX pipes.