Cupid Ring Found in canada

Cupid is the Greek god of desire, love and romance. His story has influenced the way people think about relationships and has been portrayed in art for millennia.

The origins of the modern-day cupid date to Ancient Greek Mythology and is represented in a variety of forms, including as a child, a man, and a winged youth who shoots arrows of desire and love. He is also depicted in paintings and sculptures by Renaissance artists, and has been reimagined in many media.

In the earliest depictions, Cupid was not yet a god; he was simply an archer who aimed arrows at lovers. Later, he became a man and a father who guided couples to marriage.

He was known as Eros in Greek Mythology, and the New Larousse Encyclopedia explains that he “became the symbol of love and fertility, whose prick stirred the fires of passion in all hearts.” The ring that was discovered in England was likely a later representation of the original figure.

Several other rings have been found that show Cupid in various guises. However, this is the first time one has been found that shows a child in its design.

The ring was found by an amateur using a metal detector in 2013, Live Science reports. The amateur contacted the Portable Antiquities Scheme and reported it to them, allowing Worrell and her co-author John Pearce at King’s College London to determine the age of the ring.

In her book, Worrell explains that this type of cupid ring is not unusual for the fourth century. Its design is consistent with a ring that is found in England and Scotland during this time.

Worrell cites other examples of such rings, including ones that are found in France and Italy. These rings were made with a base of gold vermeil, which is 92.5 percent silver covered with a surface layer of gold. The purity of the gold needs to be at least 10 karats to be considered precious.

Although the ring is gold, it may have had a coating of other metals. This would have been to protect the ring from oxidation.

This ring is also very rare because it features an arrow that is crafted in gold, not sterling silver. It is therefore extremely valuable and rare!

The arrow is the symbol of love and affection, which has been a theme of adornment for centuries. It is the earliest symbol for love and is often used to represent the arrows of Cupid that strike down a heart in order to bring it together with its beloved.

It is thought that the arrow is a metaphor for a heart; it is the mark that Cupid draws to indicate that he has struck his target and that the love between them is permanent. The arrow is also believed to be a representation of the human heart, which is believed to be able to move across space and time in its quest for love.