The Benefits of Merino Wool

Merino Wool is one of the most popular, versatile and comfortable materials for outdoor clothing. It’s perfect for hiking, skiing, backpacking, camping, or just about any time you want to stay warm and dry.

Merino wool is from a special breed of sheep that’s found only in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. It’s been bred specifically for the harsh, rugged environments of these regions and is superior to other types of wool in many ways.

The fibres of merino wool are long and strong, which makes it easy to weave into a variety of garments. It’s also soft and fine, so it’s very comfortable to wear against your skin.

It’s a natural moisture-wicking material, so it wicks away sweat from your body and helps keep you dry. It’s also anti-bacterial, so it will ward off bad smells and keep you feeling fresh.

In addition, merino wool is naturally flame-retardant. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t absorb and release as much oxygen as other synthetic fabrics do, meaning it won’t burn or melt as easily.

Another benefit of merino wool is that it’s machine washable! It’s not prone to shrinking like many other fabrics merino leggings, so it’s easy to wash and dry.

It dries fast too, which is great when you’re trekking or climbing and need a quick-drying layer. This is because merino wool is so hydrophilic, which means it’s chemically attracted to water and water vapor.

This is a big reason why merino is so effective as a layering piece, because it transports excess sweat to the outer fabric where it’s not as likely to chill you and make you uncomfortable.

When it comes to packing light for your next trip, you’ll love how easy it is to pack a whole range of merino wool layers into a single bag. It will be your go-to clothing for hiking, climbing or skiing – especially on long days when you’ll need to change layers often to keep cool and dry.

You can also find a wide selection of merino wool gear that’s made for the traveller, such as underwear, base and mid layers, and jackets. This is the smart way to keep your outfits streamlined and to avoid lugging around heavy, bulky clothes during long hikes or days of sightseeing.

If you’re planning to be out in the sun, merino wool is a great option for summer and winter apparel as it has UV protection properties, a UPF of 50+ depending on how tightly it’s woven. This is because it has a crimped design that allows more light to penetrate the fibers than other fabrics, which helps prevent overexposure to the sun’s rays.

It’s super durable, too! The fibres in merino wool are tightly bonded, which means they’re stronger and last longer than some of the thinner, more common wool fabrics. It’s also very breathable and stretches easily, so it won’t retain as much heat when worn on hot days or nights.

Their merino wool products are built for a lifetime of wear, and you won’t have to wash them as often. That’s why they recommend washing them only when needed and hanging them to dry instead of tumble drying.