Bill Bhangal vs. Bill Hundal

Bill Bhangal is a successful businessman with two letters of reference. The victim told us he was angry and scared of the older people around him. He said he’s struggled for two years, dropped out of school, was diagnosed with depression, and was living off the kindness of his parents. Although the victim can’t speak for other victims, he describes the violence that has impacted his life.

Bill Hundal

On December 20, 2006, a jury returned a guilty verdict for Bill Hundal on six counts of lewd acts on his daughter. Hundal was sentenced to six years in state prison. During the trial, he argued that he should be exonerated of the charges. He claimed that his actions were not motivated by a desire to hurt her. Despite his defense, the jury found Hundal guilty of six counts of lewd acts on his daughter.

Since then, Hundal has expanded his sphere of work to include fostering relationships and mentoring, and he has been awarded many management positions. He also ventured into mainstream media, demonstrating his leadership and communication skills to a wider audience. And he is not stopping there. He is looking Bill Bhangal forward to a successful and productive year ahead.

Hundal argued that his trial counsel did not adequately represent him. During the trial, counsel represented another defendant in the drug case and failed to disclose this fact to Hundal. In addition, Hundal’s trial counsel, Lowenstein and Walia, did not disclose their representation of Hundal to the court. Further, the court determined that Lowenstein and Walia had a conflict of interest, but that this conflict did not adversely affect counsel’s performance. This meant that Hundal received ineffective assistance of counsel and thus deprived of a fair trial.

Bill Hundal was a strong supporter of the Conservative party in Brampton. However, he failed to win the nomination of the Conservative party. He also lost the nomination to the Liberal Kuldip Kular in 2007. His political ambitions have made the Hundal family well-known in the city. The Hundal family’s involvement in politics was not limited to the Brampton city council race.

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