IPQS anti fraud tools are designed to protect businesses

IPQS anti fraud tools are designed to protect businesses against a range of fraudulent behavior. These tools are trusted by Fortune 500 companies. The tools use a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to blacklist bad actors and stop fraud at its source. They also provide real-time fraud scores, which are used to filter out and eliminate suspicious traffic.

IPQS fraud solutions are easy to integrate into any website. Its patented, networked approach, called Fraud Fusion, allows for custom detection and reporting to match business needs. Whether you need to detect high risk affiliates, fraudulent payments, or click fraud, IPQS can help.

With a single click, your business can take advantage of IPQS’s sophisticated anti fraud tools. With over ten years of experience, IPQS has developed a suite of anti fraud tools to monitor thousands of user actions and detect abuse. Unlike other fraud services, IPQS’s automated, multi-confirmation methods keep false-positives to a minimum.

Using IPQS’s advanced user portal, you can perform list hygiene, perform reputation checks, and check transaction data. In addition, you can expand payment scoring to more accurately identify and reduce abusive users. You can even choose from a wide variety of premium blacklists.

IPQS’s device fingerprinting service analyzes email addresses and IP addresses for suspicious behavior. This feature allows you to halt fraud before it begins, protecting your business from fake accounts and low quality clicks from bots. Furthermore, IPQS’s mobile device fingerprinting SDK prevents install fraud on mobile devices.

Besides email addresses, IPQS tracks and analyzes phone numbers and other contact details worldwide. By detecting disposable phone numbers, disposable email services, and other types of non-human traffic, you can prevent fraudulent transactions, SPAM, and fake accounts. Additionally, IPQS’s Email Address Verification tool can score a user’s email address in real-time.

IPQS uses AI and machine learning to automatically blacklist new patterns of fraud. Its algorithms also learn from your audience and its behavior patterns. They can block the worst users, such as scammers, inactive users, and abusive users. The tool also provides a real-time fraud score to help you identify suspicious transactions, chargebacks, and more.

IPQS’s fraud solutions are trusted by dozens of industry leaders, including PayPal, Google, and eBay. For less than five minutes, you can easily integrate the tools with IPQS anti fraud tools your site and start protecting your business from fraud. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a proprietary solution, you can choose from a wide selection of premium blacklists for the ultimate in accuracy.

Among IPQS’s most popular anti-fraud tools are its patented Device Fingerprinting and Proxy Detection services. The latter is designed to identify and prevent abusive users and fraudulent installs. Using the API, you can easily perform lookups on open proxies, VPN connections, botnets, malware and spyware, and more.

Other IPQS anti fraud tools include the Fraud Score, which estimates a user’s confidence level for phishing or malicious URL detection. Whether you’re managing a single ad campaign, a complex ecommerce site, or a large scale enterprise, IPQS’s solutions can help you stop abuse at its source.